Race Rules 2019


  • The Races are for pedal operated cars, built by Scouts and Explorer Scouts
  • Competitors are expected to not only abide by the Rules, but also to enter the Event with the right Scout spirit.
  • Cars and Drivers not conforming to the Rules may be disqualified.

Car Construction and Design

All Classes

Cub Scouts, Scouts and Explorer Scouts must participate in the design, construction and assembly of the Cars.

All Cars must be to the specification and dimensions. All cars will be inspected to make sure that they are to specification.

Full specifications for cars can be found here:

Cars will also be checked for safety as regards braking and steering. Checks will also be made regarding sharp edges which could cause injury should there be a collision.

Number of Entries

The maximum number of Cars which can be entered is four per Group or Unit

Competition Classes

There will be separate races for the following Classes :-

  • Cub Scouts
  • Scouts
  • Explorer Scouts

Each Class will be divided into divisions. The Cars will be placed into their respective Divisions based on performances in previous National Races. Note! Cars could race in a different divisions in each Class


Team Sprint Events

  • Each Team must consist of four Cub Scouts under the age of ten and a half on the day of the Races – DOB later than the 2nd of January 2009
  • Each Team must consist of four Scouts.
  • Two must be under the age of twelve on the day of the races – DOB later than the 2nd of July 2007
  • Two under the age of 14 on the day of the races – DOB later than the 2nd of July 2005.
Explorer Scouts
  • Each Team must consist of four Explorer Scouts.
  • Two must be under the age of sixteen om the day of the races – DOB later than the 2nd of July 2003
  • Two under the age of eighteen on the day of the races – DOB later than the 2nd of July 1901

Grand Prix Events

  • Each Team to consist of four Drivers – Age ranges to be the same as the Team Sprint Events,

Driver Notes

  • Drivers may race twice in each Class, but each car must have at least 2 new drivers. i.e. If a group has two cars in the same class, the second car must have at least 2 new drivers. This means that if you have two cars you must have a minimum of 6 drivers.
  • In both Team Sprint and Grand Prix Events, if Teams do not have sufficient Scouts or Explorer Scouts of the correct age, under age Drivers may race.
  • All Drivers must wear crash helmets at all times whilst in the Car whether it is on the track or in the pit area. Helmets similar to those used in skateboarding or BMX competitions are the minimum requirement.

Race Details

Team Sprint Events

  • The start line positions will be drawn for in the assembly area.
  • One handler is allowed to accompany the car to the start line.
  • All Races will commence with an unassisted start when the green light shows.
  • If a Car is in collision caused by bad driving or a mechanical fault in the first 25 metres, the Race will be stopped by the sound of the klaxon and a red flag waved by a track marshal.
  • Drivers must remain seated during the Race, however, should a Car breakdown pushing the Car over the finishing line is permissible.
  • When the Race is finished Drivers must exit the course as directed by the marshals.
  • Cub Scouts will race one lap. Scouts and Explorer Scouts will race two laps.

Grand Prix Races

  • Races will commence from a grid start. The grid positions will be based on the times from the earlier Sprint Races. The fastest Car being at the front of the grid.
  • When changing Drivers, Cars must stop and start unaided. i.e. No push starts.
  • Cub Scouts will change Drivers each lap. Scouts may race a maximum of two laps and Explorer Scouts may race a maximum of three laps.
  • Drivers must always always race in the same order throughout the Race. If a Driver drops out they will not be allowed to drive again in that Race.
  • Should a Car break down, it must leave the course for repairs as directed by the marshals.
  • Depending on the number of entries, two classes may race together in one Race.
  • The maximum duration of any Race will be thirty minutes. Time could be reduced according to time available.


The following competitions will be held for each division in each class:-

  • Team Sprint Cub Scout
  • Team Sprint Scout
  • Team Sprint Explorer Scout
  • Champions Race Cub Scout
  • Champions Race Scout
  • Champions Race Explorer Scout
  • Grand Prix Cub Scout
  • Grand Prix Scout
  • Grand Prix Explorer Scout

Team Sprints

The times of the three fastest cars in their respective competitions will be added together and the winning teams will be the ones with the lowest total time.

Champions Races

The six fastest Drivers in each division in each class will race to decide who are the Champion Drivers. Should two or more Drivers in the same Car be in the fastest six, only the fastest Driver will be in the Champions Race.

Grand Prix

The Cars which complete the greatest number of laps in each race will be declared the winners.